Hi! Hello! How are you?

I am so glad you’re here! I wanted to take a second to tell you a little bit about myself and how Gettle’s Goodies was created.

I’m Jessica. I’m an “extroverted introvert” with a love for anything involving good eats and serving others! I’m also an avid Taylor Swift fan, a bookworm, and a professional couch potato on Sundays. It’s nice to meet you!

Those other two humans in the picture over there are the loves of my life. We’re the Gettles.

As a military spouse, and mama, I spend most of my days trying to figure out how to entertain a crazy little boy, or trying to adapt to the constant changes we’re thrown into as a military family.

We think we have something figured out, roots to plant, and then suddenly, everything is changing. We learn to adapt all over again.

Military or not, I’m sure you can relate with me when I say,  life can feel chaotic.

Unfortunately, I let that chaos affect every aspect of my life. I stopped doing things I found joy in. Laziness struck. I found myself feeling lost and unhappy.

It didn’t just affect me, though. I could see my new-found attitude taking its toll on everyone around me. 

Balancing all of my duties, while still enjoying the things that I used to, became a really big struggle. Self-care flew out the window.

I had become an anxious mess of a woman and I didn’t like it. So, I decided to take the reins back and stop letting stress control my life.

Then, one day, it hit me.

If I was struggling to find balance, there were probably other people out there like me, trying to find balance.

That’s when I created Gettle’s Goodies

I started changing my habits. Instead of constantly being worried, I started spending time on things that really mattered to me.  I took the small pockets of “me time” that I had during the day and figured out ways to create a little balance in our life.  I got back in the kitchen.

In the last two years, I’ve figured out part of the balancing act.  

I’ve gathered real recipes for real life. Meals that help us have more time together. Goodies that we love to make together. Comfort foods for the days when we need them the most. Sweet treats, quick dinners, scrumptious healthy meals, you name it.

I’d love to share them with you. 

My hope is that I can help you find some balance too; whether in the kitchen or in any other aspect of your life.